My living room

MARIA, 1st A: My living room is medium. There are eight chairs. There is a very big sofa and a medium TV. There is a chimney and there are black curtains.


My bedroom

MÍRIAM, 1st B: My bedroom is small. There is a desk with a computer and a shelf with books. My bed has got a white blanket and I have a mirror, too. My cupboard is very big.

ÁLEX, 1st B: My bedroom has got a big bed and a pillow. In my bedroom I have a poster. It's very beautiful.

MIRKO, 1st A: I have got a T.V next to the windows. I have got a computer on my desk and a rug on the floor. Also I have got a digital clock on my desk.

ANDREA, 1st A: I have got a TV on my desk. I have got a pink armchair. I have got a computer on my desk. I have got a big cupboard. I have got a pink lamp on my desk. I have got a mirror in my cupboard.

IKRAM, 1st A: My bedroom is not very big but I have everything I need. My curtains are pink. Next to the writing desk there is my bed. I have a small rug. In one of the walls I have a big clock. Next to the desk I have a big cupboard.

JUDIT, 1st A: My bedroom is beautiful. I have three big armchairs. I don't have clock in my bedroom. I have lots of books in my bedroom. I love my bedroom.

SÍLVIA, 1st A: My bedroom is very beautiful. The blankets on the bed are pink and purple. It has got a computer on the desk. There is a big poster of Paul Wesley on the wall.

MARIA, 1st A: I have a lamp on my desk. There is a white boxer. I have got a lot of posters of a soap operas at my wardrobe. I have some white sheets with purple butterflies in my bed.

UNAI, 1st A: My bedroom is big, I have a computer on my desk. I haven't got a mirror and a picture. I have a bed, it's very big.

AINA, 1st A: In my bedroom there is a bed. In my bedroom there is a chair, a computer, two tables, a large television, a sink and an armchair.

AITOR, 1st A: My bedroom is colour green and white. I have got a computer and a chair. It has got one wardrobe. I have got a printer

NIL, 1st B: My bedroom is medium height. I have a TV in front of my bed. I have a table were i do my homework and a shelf with my books.

JOEL, 1st B: My bedroom is big. It has got a cupboard, a desk, and have a simple bed but is my bedroom.

LUCÍA, 1st B: My bedroom is small there are two beds one is for my brother and one is for me. I have a TV  and two wardrobes and I have two desks. 



Promise Phan

ANDREA, 1st A:
In this video I understood that to make that make-up:
First, you have to wear makeup base all over your face. 
Then you have to take a white paint and start drawing all the teeth.
Then you have to take black paint and fill in the gaps between one tooth and another.
Then you paint your eyebrows with a blue colour.
And then you start making blue lines that start on the front.
And you end up making lines all over your face and neck.
Then with a gray color you paint your eyelids.
And with the black eyeliner you make the line in your eyes.
Then you put on false eyelashes.
And to finish, you put on a wig.

NAIARA, 1st A:
A real life
My first
Expanding on the face
Eye shadow 

MARIA, 1st A:
Hi everyone! Today I will transforming myself into the adorable DOVE CAMERON. I will using the WIND collection in this video. It clueless this beautiful eyes shadows.

IKRAM, 1st A:
Hello everyone today i'm going to do my first Halloween video. Myself into Pennywise. From the It movie. Enjoy it. First i'm gonna do. So i'm gonna to take the bald cap, this is actually my first time using it. Over my head. Around my skin. You can find this in any halloween store. Is completely invisible. This is gonna look super freaky. With some concealer. On the face and also on the head. A kind of blue. This angry look. Element collection. Makeup stores. More angry. This is gonna be the base colour, and after i'm gonna to put some black. I'm gonna to do the same in. And after that i'm gonna to take thhe black eyeliner. Apply in my nose. Over my lips. Is bigger than the top. This metallic brown lipstick. This is also by NYC. Now i'm gonna to take this red. Straight down from the eyes. The line is very. Don't forget the. The makeup isn't too flawless. And carefully cut it in two. This is optional. And for the teeth. Cut it in that shape.

MIRKO, 1st A: Hello everyone, today I will be my first hallowen video of 2017, I hope you enjoy it. It is the first time I use this to cover my hair. You can buy this in any hallowen store. This will look super friki. This will make us look angry. Now I will put some black. Now I will take the red one and I will make the lines of the face. And guys like that is how Penywise's makeup looks. I'll wear a hat (this part is optional).

Mobile Phones

Today people use mobile phones for many more things than making calls. They chat online, download apps and play games.

Benet, 1st B


Celebrities or Famous People

1st A:

Maria: This celebrity is a famous singer. She's a girl. She is American. Two of her very famous songs are: Someone Like You and Rolling in the Deep. She has blond straight hair and blue eyes. She sings very well. She has low voice in her songs. WHO IS IT?

Houda: He's a football player. He is a popular celebrity. My celebrity plays in the Real Madrid. His hair is dark. My football player is thin and tall. He likes playing football with his son. WHO IS IT? 

Víctor: He is from Catalonia, and he is a retired football player, he played in  Football Club Barcelona. He has long brown hair, he is very athletic and strong. He is very intelligent and a nice boy. Who is it?

Andrés: He is a football player. He plays in Real Madrid. He is the best player in Real Madrid. He is tall and good-looking. He has got short and straight hair. He is hard-working and a very athletic person. He is clever and his my favourite football player.

Silvia: His birthday is on 1st April, 1997. He lives in London. He is a famous
actor. He has got blue eyes and dark brown hair. He is good-looking. He is thin and very tall. He likes animals and music. In  his free time, he does sport, plays computer games and reads.

Nerea: Their birthday is on 21st February. They are famous because they're singers. They have got brown eyes, brown hair, medium height and they are good-looking. Their personality is hard-working, confident and friendly. My favourite song is Quisiera. 

Aitor: He is youtuber, his a famous person.He is xbuyer and Biruzz' friend. He plays Fifa 18 and fotball  challenge. He plays ps4 and ps3. He has got brown hair and brown eyes. Who is it ?

Laura: He is a singer. He is very good-looking. He is Spanish. His hair is dark long and beautiful. His eyes are brown and big. He is nice. He sings very well. He is medium-height. He is clever. He is young. Before he wore hat but not now.

Ivette: The famous is a boy,he sing in English. He was born in 1994. He is 23 years old. He is quite high, and he has many tattoos, more that 55. They are three, he has got two sister and one brother. He was born in California. Who is it?


Describing a friend

1st Bwho is it❓❓❓❓

Miriam: She was born on eighteenth of January and is from Blanes. She is tall, her hair is black and straight, she is beautiful and her eyes are brown. She is a nice person, she is a good friend and she is friendly, too. Who is it?

Abi: Her birthday is on 14th January. She is from Blanes. She has got a brown hair. She is nice person,hard-working and she is very funny.

Nil: He's a boy. His birthday is ni December, he is from Blanes. He is tall and thin and his personality is friendly, good person, good friend and a very lazy boy.

Sasha: She is a girl she is from Spain.Her hair is long and curly and she is good looking and friendly. She is my friend. She is tall and her eyes are brown. She is funny.

Lucía: She is a girl, she is from Blanes, Spain. Her birthday is in Apri. Her hair is dark and straigh. His eyes are small and black. She is medium-height and thin. Her personality is nice, honest
and creative. Who is it?

Joel: He is a boy, he is very friendly and funny. He is tall and his hair is straight and short, He has glasses and his birthday is on 2nd of October. 

Pol: He is  from  Blanes ,Catalonia. His birthday is on 4th February. His hair is usually short hair, he has got dark brown eyes. He's tall and he is good-looking. He is very athletic and his legs are strong He is an excellent football player.

Luana: She is from this class. She has straight  hair and eyes are brown. She is from Blanes. Who is it?🤔

Ingrid: She is a nice person, she is generous and clever. She's from Urcrania, and her birthday is on 30th of April. She practices karate. Her hair is straight and long.

Pau: He is very tall and friendly. He is very fast and he likes running. He is funny. He is one good student. He is hard working. He has got a brother. He is good football player. He is a good games player. Who is it?

1st A:

Andrea: Her birthday is on 9th August. She's from Blanes. She's very nice, thin and medium height. Her hair is long and dark. She's funny, generous, adventurous, intelligent and lazy. Who is it?

Aina: Who is it ? Her birthday is on 20th May. She is from Blanes. Her physical is beautiful, she is tall and good-looking. Her personality is very generous, hard-working, shy and friendly.

Judit: Her name is .... Her birthday is on 1st of November. She's from Blanes. She has got a long and straight hair. She is very funny and beautiful. She's very clever and friendly. SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER.

Mirko: He is from Blanes, Catalonia. His birthday  is on 4th June. He has got short and blond hair and his eyes are blue. His personality is hard working and athletic. Who is it?


Our English Teacher

1st B:

Míriam - She loves teaching English. Nuria is friendly and loves cinema.

Abi - Her birthday is in October. Her favourite colours are black and purple.

Àlex - Núria is a good teacher because she's very exigent. She has got glasses. She started to be a teacher when she was nineteen. She's the best teacher of English.

David - I like her attitude to students. She lives in Malgrat, she lives in a house with garden.

Lucía - She is English teacher because she loves English and she likes movies.

Jairo - She does not feel very brave and considers herself a good teacher. I like her a lot as a teacher.

Sasha - Mrs Reichardt has a long and wavy hair.

Rubén - She loves cinema and dophins.

Nil She likes fideua but she doesn't like pets.

Ingrid - She has got six brothers and sisters. My teacher studied at the university of Barcelona.

1st A:

Ikram - Nuria's favourite subject is English. She loves reading, cooking, doing sport, gardening and swimming. Núria likes a lot of books, she loves reading. My teacher is fantastic!

Darko - Nuria likes Autumn.

Naiara - She is 55 years. Her favourite food is vegetebles.

Judit - Núria doesn't have pets. She has two children, two boys.

Maria - Her favourite type of book are the love books. She became a teacher because she wanted to be independent.

Aina - She comes from Barcelona.

Andrea - Nuria likes working on a secondary school. My teacher became to be a teacher because she would be independent.

Víctor - Her favourite subject is English and she likes teaching 1st and 2nd ESO. Núria started become a teacher when she was 19 years old. 

Houda - She says pizza is not healthy, she likes to do sport. 

Unai - My teacher is good-looking.