14th February - Saint Valentine's Day

MARIA, 1st A:

I am in love
Do you know with?
With you.

I love you
I love your eyes and your smile
I can’t live without you
I like the passion of your kisses.

ANDREA, 1st A:

Your blue eyes are nice.
Your smile is beautiful.
You are very romantic.
You are a sweet boy.
Your heart is very big.
I love our kisses.
My life is more crazy with you.
You are my favourite star in the sky.
I life in a fantasy with you.

JUDIT, 1st A:

Your eyes are very beautiful.
His hair is red and long.
I am romantic.
He is sweet and nice.
I love you.
Our kisses are fantasy.
At night I dream with you.
The boy is all passion.
This time is forever.

AINA, 1st A:

I love you
Your eyes and your smile are beautiful.
I love you are crazy.
I like the passion very much.
He is nice, honest and very romantic.
He is very attractive, I love his hair
and I also love the way he laughs.
He enjoys life and I like it because I also enjoy it.
His face is very sweet in the way he looks at you.
I love your colour eyes.
I like your hair because it is soft and its colour is very precious.
I like you because your talk a lot like me.

I. ACEBEDO, 1st A:

PAU, 1st B:

You are very beautiful
I like sun and moon
flowers are red
the time is romantic
Forever I am crazy
We go to dream.

NIL, 1st B:

Your eyes fall in love with mine.
I love you very much,
and I do not want to ever lose you
because you are the love of my life.
Your eyes and your smile
are very beautiful
that's why I love you.
When I'm with you
I'm very comfortable
and I do not want to leave.
I never want to lose you
I love you.

Resultado de imagen de LOVEÀLEX, 1st B:

I am your big boy
your eyes are beautiful
and your mind is very nice.
I don’t know what to tell you
because when we are together
I am crazy.

You are sweet and romantic
And you are the best at the world
Your hair is beautiful
and your lips are very fantastic.
You are the love of my life.
Your smile is beautiful

JOEL, 1st B:                            Resultado de imagen de LOVE

I love you,
your beautiful eyes are my light
your kisses are my food,
your crazy hair is my perdition.

I love you,
baby remember my song,
baby feel my feelings
baby your pretty smile is my perdition.

I love you,
your boy need you,
your fantastic lips enchant my heart.

Resultado de imagen de LOVEIKRAM, 1st A:
Love is like a Sun,
It shines.

I found the love for me,
He is beautiful and cute.
I see my future in his eyes,
I’m in love with him.
He brings me red roses and white chocolate.
He make my life more beautiful.

His eyes,
His smile,
All of him is perfect,
He always looks perfect.

MÍRIAM, 1st B:Resultado de imagen de LOVE
Your eyes are blue like the sea,
and the sun is shining for us.
The sounds I hear are like the clouds,
and my feet touch the sand.

The sun goes away,
and only the waves are heard.
The birds return to their houses in the trees.
And we are only you and me.

HOUDA, 1st A:
You are my sun,
you are my smile,
you are my favourite flower,
you are my sweet candy ,
you are my heart,
you are my light.
And in my dreams you are only mine.


Describing a photo

Ikram, 1st A:
This is a photo of my summer holidays is Paris. Paris is so beautiful. I love it! We are in a nice restaurant. In this picture, there are my cousins, my mother, my sisters, my aunt and me. We are eating pasta because we like it very very much, but my mother and my aunt are eating sushi.
I am wearing a blue and white skirt with a white T-shirt. Also, I am wearing the “Minnie Mouse” ears. I think it’s something nice to go with in Paris. In front of me there is one of my cousins, Mariam. Mariam is like my sister. She is wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. My sister is next to Mariam. I don’t know what is she wearing because we can’t see her. My mother is wearing a white sweater. My mother is between my cousin, Lina, and her friend. Both are wearing a black dress. Lina’s mother is next to her. We’re having a great time all together!

Sasha, 1st B:

This is a photo of my family: my mother, my father, my sister and me.

The photo is taking in Ukraine. There is a beautiful castle, it is building of ninth century. This city is famous because girlfriends and boyfriends are taking some photos.
I and my family are wearing colourful clothes. I love this photo because we are smiling and we are in Ukraine!
This is my photo description.

Joel, 1st B:
Hello, my name is Joel and today I’m explaining my photo description.
This is a photo of my brother’s baptism. He’s wearing a grey t-shirt, my father is behind him, he is wearing a white t-shirt, his girlfriend is next to him, she is wearing an electric blue dress. I’m looking them and I’m wearing a white, red and black t-shirt. Thanks for your attention.

Jairo, 1st B:

Hello, this is a photo of my holidays in Paris with my family. We are on the highest point of the Eiffel Tower.
My mum is wearing a blue jacket, green trousers, sandals and a stripped bag and I’m wearing a  black Puma shirt , blue trousers and black shoes.
In the photo I am with my mum (Ester) and my sister (Ariadna) is taking the photo. In that moment we are looking to the camera with a big smile. That day is windy.
From the top of the Eiffel Tower you can see the river Seine and the most important monuments.

Abi, 1st B:

This is a photo in my grandmother’s house. This day is Christmas Day.
In this photo I am with my brother, Samuel, and my mother. I am wearing a dress and my brother is wearing a sweater and jeans.
This day I am very happy because I have many presents. In this photo there is a Christmas tree behind my brother and me. I always remember this day.
Thanks for your attention.   

Maria, 1st A:

Hello, I’m Maria and this is a photo of my class. Here, I’m with my friends and we are the class called The Moon. We are three years old and we are wearing our coats. We have two teachers and their names are Mariona and Mª Angels, but Mariona isn’t here because she is taking the photo.
We are in the playground in front of a big blue house and behind it, there are trees and the weather is sunny.
The half of the class are standing up like me, but the other half is sitting on the playground’s sand, like Mª Angels. Some of the class are smiling, but the others are not because we are little and we don’t understand we are taking a photo.

Àlex, 1st B:

This is my photo of my family and me. In the photo we are playing paddle with my family. My mom is wearing a T-shirt and a skirt but in the photo we can’t see the skirt.As you can see, I’m wearing a yellow T-shirt and a shorts. My brother is wearing a T-shirt, a cup and shorts. We have paddle rackets to play. The holidays in Málagawere very fantastic. It was a great day, with my family. I’m wearing a better look and I’m very exciting.

Ingrid, 1st B:

The photo is in Sa Palomera rock.  I’m near my cousin Sofia. Behind us you can see a blue sky and the blue sea.
The photo is 5 years ago. I’m wearing a beautiful dress and my cousin is wearing shorts and a T-shirt.
In the palomera you can take photos and look at the Blanes town views.
The photo is my favourite at the moment.
I have it in my room.

My cousin is a nice person. She’s very elastic. I love her long and curly hair. She is 7 years old.  


Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an annual celebration of a safer and better internet, where we aim to promote the many positive opportunities online while encouraging safe and responsible behaviour.

Celebrated in over 130 countries with the support of organisations and industry, parents and teachers, and children and young people, Safer Internet Day is our chance to create a better internet together! If you support the Safer Internet Day campaign, you are standing up for a cause that matters and making a positive impact on the internet.

Find out more about the campaign at www.saferinternetday.org



Cristina from Burlington Books to 1st and 2nd ESO students

United Kingdom:

Resultado de imagen de ukThe United Kingdom is formed by: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but the UK flag only has the three flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland because the Wales flag is very strange and ugly with a dragon.
The royal family live in London, the capital of England. This family is composed by: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Henry.
Adele is an English singer. The most famous food in the United Kingdom is the curry. In the UK, they drink about two millions of cups of tea every day. There the tea is very famous!
The typical clothes in Scotland is the Kilt. They are usually green or red with squares.
In Spanish, to say the diminutive of something is very easy, for example Plato-Platito, but in English is too hard, for example: Spoon-Teaspoon.
The Big Ben is a clock that measures 96,3 metres. The builder that built the famous Big Ben was called Charles Barry. The biggest bell in the Big Ben neighs 16 tons and its name is Great Bell.

MARIA, 1st A

Culture in UK

The mean of UK is United Kingdom.The United Kingdom is the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. The flag of the UK is the union of the England flag, the Scotland flag and the Northern Island flag.There isn’t the Wales flag because the fusion of the flags are very ugly.

The queen of the United Kingdom is queen elizabeth II, her son is prince Charles the prince of England. The other England prince is prince William and the William’s wife is Kate Middleton. The favourite food of England is the curry.

In Wales people talk English and Welsh.In England there are double deckers and the big ben.The building of the big ben began in 1843, later the big fire of London on 16th October in 1834.

England is the second country in the world with the more tea consumption. In England the people drink one hundred and sixty five millions of cups of tea every day. And this the culture in UK.



The flag of the United Kingdom  is a fusion of three flags: The Wales flag, the Scotland flag  and the England flag. Its name is The Jack Union. In the Wales flag there is a dragon.

In England there is the Big Ben. Big Ben is the most important building in the U.K.
The typical food in England is fish and chips. The United Kingdom is an Island of Europe. In Scotland there are many castles and trees. A very good football player of Wales is Gareth Bale.

And my essay ends here. I like so much the U.K because my favourite country is England.

MIRKO, 1st A



AINA, 1st A:

SEPTEMBER 2017       

1-My friend is Maria.

2-His pencil case is broken.

3 -That is my friend.

4-Can you help me, please?.                            


          1- My friend is the tallest.

                                                              2- My hair is straight and long.

                                                              3 -Catherine is beautiful.

                                                              4- She is friendly.

                                                              5 -My grandma is short and old.  

 6- Her personality is very generous, hard-working, shy and friendly.


1- Aina’s diary is colour pink.

2- She is hard-working.

3-My mother is beautiful and hard-working.

4- In my house I have got two toilets.

5- There is some snack in the Kitchen.

6- In my house I have got bathroom but I don’t have a clock.

7- Can i help you? Yes please.

8- In my living room there is a television.

9- I listen to music everyday.

DAVID, 1st B:


  1. We are playing hockey outside, but we must go inside because It was raining.
  2. This is my pencil.
  3. These are my books.
  4. Can you repeat me, please? I don’t understand!!!!


  1. My nose is bigger than Joel’s nose.
  2. I’m taller than Alex.
  3. Messi has got dark hair and short, too.
  4. Do you think, are you a good teacher?
  5. My favourite pet is fish, and I like the dolphins.
  6. My mum has got dark and curly hair.
  7. I like her attitude to the students.
  8. She lives in Malgrat, she lives in a house with garden.
  9. David’s hair is short and dark, too.
  10. He is the tallest boy in the class, and he is not very good looking, but he’s an important athletic.


  1. I have got a lamp next to my bed, and a shelf, up at me.
  2. There is an armchair and a cupboard in my bedroom.
  3. I have got a TV, a big sofa and a very big lamp next to a table.
  4. There is a lamp next to my sofa.
  5. There is a lamp next to my sofa.
  6. I have got two skates and also, I have got three sticks.
  7. I think, I’d like a light for my bedroom.